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Starting a Fundraiser

Starting a Fundraiser
Starting a Fundraiser

Your kickoff is key

Most sales happen within the first 3 to 4 days. Great kickoff meetings can make all the difference.

Start the momentum. Strong sales happen when you start strong and keep it going to the end. Learn how to get off to a right start.

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Why have a discount card fundraising kickoff?

Don’t just hand out your discount cards and tell your students to bring back the money. Learn why you should have a discount card kickoff meeting.

How do we prepare for our school wide kickoff?

A great kickoff creates the momentum needed for a successful school-wide fundraiser. Learn how to prepare for your school kickoff.

How do we plan for our small group kickoff?

The kickoff meeting is one of the essential parts of the fundraising process. You’ll want to plan so you’ll be ready to motivate your students to sell. Learn how to prepare for your smaller group kickoff.

How do we use our kickoff video?

Showing your kickoff video is simple and easy. Learn how to show your kickoff video.