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  • School Fundraising Sales Tools

    Improve your sales

    Are you measuring success based on last year’s results? Don’t settle for the same outcome.

    Control your destiny. Learn why setting goals, track your progress and empowering your students to sell is vital to your success.

High school students running track

We recommend meeting periodically with your group during your sale to check on their progress. Learn how to track your fundraising progress

Calculator, pen and notepad

You can calculate how many items each student has to sell if you know how much money you need to raise. For more information see our group goal setting guide.

Elementary school student kickoff assembly

Prior to your kickoff you'll receive a fundraiser supply kit which will contain everything you need to run your sale.

Children sitting in a circle

We offer school fundraising tips for everyone involved, including advice for parents, students and sponsors.

School Fundraiser Sales Report

Yes, you'll receive a complete sales report after we've processed your order. Among other things, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of your brochure and online sales, average retail sold per seller, as well as how your students rank by items and dollars sold.