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    How our products work

    Already know what you want to sell, or still not sure? Not all products work the same way.

    Understand your product. Learn the ins and outs so you can be sure it’s the best fit for your group.

Cajun bread from a frozen food brochure

We offer a wide assortment of brochures, like seasonal shoppers, cookie dough, frozen food and specialty brochures. See our brochure fundraisers

Pepperoni pizza sticks from a frozen food brochure

There are differences you'll need to be aware of if you decide to sell frozen merchandise. For more information, see our cookie dough or frozen food sections.

Kitchenware item from a fundraiser brochure

Unlike do-it-yourself campaigns which tend to be more labor-intensive, with a brochure fundraiser, we’ll provide the resources you need to run a successful campaign. We're available to provide guidance and support, reduce volunteer time and help maximize sales. In addition, there's no upfront cost for any of our materials. Each year, non-profit groups net about $2 billion selling out of a brochure. See our brochure fundraisers

FedEx Shipping Truck

Merchandise delivers approximately 3 to 4 weeks after your order forms are received by our packing company.

Salt and pepper shaker brochure item

We'll replace any missing or damaged items, no questions asked. In addition, you're not required to return any damaged merchandise.

Should an item not meet the expectations of a buyer, we’ll immediately credit back the amount that was billed on your invoice. We have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy. See our brochure fundraisers


Gymnasiums, cafeterias or other large centralized areas make excellent distribution areas for your merchandise.

Oatmeal raisin cookies from a cookie dough brochure

Our cookie dough and frozen food fundraisers are shipped on a refrigerated carrier. Merchandise arrives frozen and should be distributed the same day it's received. If the product is not picked up by the end of the day, arrangements must be made to refrigerate the items. We’re not responsible for product not stored properly.

Cinnamon rolls from a frozen food brochure

You have several options to choose from. We’ll help you make the best choice to maximize your sales. In most cases selecting one brochure works best. See our brochure fundraisers

Original Beef Sticks Box

We offer 14 different types of product fundraisers, ranging from seasonal shoppers to discount cards. See our product fundraisers

Chocolatiers Carrier and Candy Bars

We offer 4 different payment options, including submitting a purchase order, paying with a credit card, using PayPal, or sending in a check.

FedEx Delivery Truck

Larger orders will usually deliver via a common carrier like FedEx Freight. For smaller orders we typically use UPS or FedEx. Your merchandise will arrive prepacked by individual seller for most of our programs. See our brochure fundraisers