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Promoting Your Sale

Promoting Your Sale
Promoting Your Sale

Improve your outcome

Are your current incentives enough? Most companies offer free prize programs. Unfortunately, many students need more persuasion.

Extra prizes boost results. Discover ways to increase student interest. Offer bonus incentives that won't cost any money.

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Do you offer prize programs for those who sell?

We offer a wide selection of prize programs for preschool age through college. Learn more about our prize programs

What extra incentive ideas do you recommend?

There are many ways to motivate your group to reach or exceed your goal. Here are some additional incentive ideas that will help increase sales.

What is the best way to increase sales?

The best way to improve sales is to increase seller participation.

How can we use our promo video?

The 2 ways that we recommend using your promo video are to:

  1. Promote your fundraiser at a parent meeting.
  2. Keep your students motivated during your sale.

See how to show your promo video.

Can we improve sales without spending money?

You should always look for additional ways to make your fundraiser more successful. Here are some creative ideas that will improve sales without using money.

How do we get reimbursed when using a cash prize program?

You’ll receive a single check for the total amount of money earned by your sellers once your bill is paid in full. This money does not come out of your profit. You can choose to distribute the money to your sellers directly, or place it in their individual accounts. See our cash prize programs

What if we are unable to award cash?

If your school district doesn't allow cash to be awarded to your students then substitute it with comparable gift cards or prizes.