The Best Way to Improve Fundraising Sales

How changing incentives boosts results

If you want to improve fundraising sales you'll need to increase seller participation. One way to accomplish this is to get your sellers interested in your sale by giving them a really fun and exciting incentive as their reward and then make it as easy as possible for everyone to achieve that goal.

When more students realize that they can get something exciting by putting in a reasonable amount of effort, your participation will go up. One administrator was very please with her fundraising results. She went on to say that the reason her participation increased so much was because her students knew that they only needed to sell 8 items to get into a special event. As a result, they experienced a dramatic improvement in their results. And after attempting to increase fundraising sales using a traditional prize program for years, another administrator had this to say about our Big Event Super Party:

A School Participation Testimonial

“This is the best super party we have ever had! We had 456 students sell 12 items or more as our sales skyrocketed like never before! The students had a fantastic time with smiles on their faces. The super party was a great way to say “Thank you” to the students and parents for all of their hard work on the sale. Col Santos Benavides Elementary raised $72,194.50!!”

Caryn Fox
Assistant Principal

Additional Schools that Also Improved Sales

Here are just a few other schools that were very happy with their increase in sales as well. When they made the switch from a traditional prize program to one of our big event fundraising prize programs, their sales went up significantly.

School NameTraditional Prize ProgramBig Event Prize ProgramSales IncreasePercent Increase
Milton Elementary$24,000$42,000$18,00075%
Webb Elementary$20,000$43,000$23,000115%
Newgulf Elementary$35,000$47,000$12,00034%
Ruiz Elementary$15,000$21,000$6,00040%
Stricklin Elementary$15,000$27,000$12,00080%
Meadowbrook Elementary$12,000$27,000$15,000125%
Flour Bluff Elementary$26,000$32,000$6,00023%
Lyford Elementary$19,000$28,000$9,00047%
Kostoryz Elementary$12,000$31,000$19,000158%
Rio Hondo Elementary$14,000$22,000$8,00057%
Noonan Elementary$8,00027,000$19,000238%
Rodriguez Elementary$15,000$26,000$11,00073%

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