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Big Event Incentives

Big Event Incentives
Big Event Incentives

Make your big event epic

A big event is a fun and experiential reward for reaching an easy sales goal. Discover how to turn yours into something extraordinary.

Make your event a big deal. Read our tips on how to prepare your school for an event your students won’t soon forget.

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Why choose a big event prize program?

We feel that our big event prize programs are better because they motivate more students to sell. Participation increases when students have the opportunity to attend an exciting party or show as a reward for reaching an easily obtainable sales goal. Learn about our big events

How do we get a free big event?

Once you reach $25,000 in sales there’s no cost for any of our big event fundraising prize programs. If you fall short, we’ll ask you to share in the cost of your event; however there are other options as well. Learn how to qualify for a free big event

How long are your parties?

Our super party and super splash party are 2 hour events. If additional time is needed, the organization has the option to pay extra.

How long are your shows?

Our magic show is 40 minutes and our reptile show is 1 hour long.

When is the best time to schedule your magic show?

The best time to bring in a magic how is during another recognized event:

  • September: National Literacy Month, Citizenship Day, National Good Neighbor Day
  • October: National Safe School Week, National Character Counts Week, National Red Ribbon Week, Halloween
  • November: National Youth Appreciation Week, National Parental Involvement Day, National Family Week, National Recycling Week
  • February: Valentine’s Day
  • April: National Library Week, National Student Leadership Week
  • May: National Reading Is Fundamental Week

Learn more about our magic show

When is it ok to lower the seller goal?

There may be times when lowering the student item goal to gain admission to a big event is warranted. For example, a family may have multiple children attending the school thus making it more difficult to reach the goal for each child. What follows is our recommended policy for this type of situation:

  • Handle it on a case-by-case basis rather than announcing this policy to everyone.
  • We recommend that you not cut the goal below half of the original goal.
  • It will be your responsibility to track the families who request this.

Do you have safety rules for your parties?

Yes, we require everyone to review and enforce the policies listed in our safety rules document

How do we prepare for our big event?

To have a successful big event at your school there are certain things that you’ll want to do beforehand. Prior to your event, we’ll send you a preparation checklist.

Do you offer educational resource material?

For our magic show prize program we provide follow-up resource material that schools can utilize after their assembly. For more information, view our curriculum-based magic programs.

How can we get the most out our big event?

Your goal is to make your big event memorable for your students. To insure that they get the most out it, learn how to maximize your big event experience.

Can we have more than one show?

Organizations are normally limited to 1 show. The exception is if the organization exceeds $40,000 in sales, and there’s not enough seating for one show. In this case a second show must immediately follow the first. Any school that desires a second show and does not meet the above criteria can choose to pay extra.