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How to Qualify for a Free Big Event

How to Qualify for a Free Big Event

Our big event prize programs have been proven to motivate more students to sell out their sales brochures than traditional prize plans do. The reason is simple. Offer students something unique and exciting as a reward in exchange for reaching an easily achievable sales goal. The result is better overall sales.

However, because of the expense of bringing in a large party or show, we require a minimum gross sale of $50,000 to qualify for a free big event. Keep in mind that online store sales are also factored in as well. But if you're still unsure you can reach this school-wide goal, here are some things to consider.

Schools with previous brochure fundraising experience usually fall into 1 of 3 scenarios:

  1. They already meet or exceed $50,000 with a traditional prize program.
  2. They previously sold below $50,000 but understand that switching to a big event prize program may improve their results.
  3. Larger schools that are below $50,000 but have growth potential due to their higher-than-average enrollment.

Schools with no prior brochure sales history can use the following formula to project their results:

Potential Gross Sales = Enrollment x Item Goal x $15 (To determine your item goal, use five items for a show and eight items for a party)

Regardless of previous sales, many schools benefit significantly by switching to a big event prize program. So here are your options:

OPTION A: Get the event regardless.

Student Goal: If you choose option A, any student who reaches the admission goal will automatically get to attend the event. Students must sell five items to gain admission to one of our shows and eight items to get into a party.

Group Goal: Once your group reaches $50,000 in sales, there is no cost for the event. However, if you sell less, you help defer the cost of bringing in the event according to the following schedule:

Gross Sales* Cost Share
$50,000 or more $0
$35,000-$49,999 $995
$20,000-$34,999 $1,850
$10,000-$19,999 $3,500
Up to $9,999 $5,000
*Gross sales = brochure sales + online store sales. Donations are excluded.

Any cost on your part would come from the money already raised through the fundraiser. With option A, regardless of your overall sales, we'll still bring in the event, and those students who reach their individual item goal will get to attend.

OPTION B: Start with a traditional prize.

We offer a second option if you're unsure whether your group can raise $50,000. With option B, your group starts the sale with a traditional prize program; however, if you reach $50,000, we'll switch you to the big event prize program instead.* Here are the scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: If your gross sales exceed $50,000, congratulations! Those who reach their individual sales goal get to attend the big event.
  • Scenario 2: If your gross sales are under $50,000, everyone who sells receives traditional prizes.

Changing Your Mind

Schools are not locked into option B. Therefore, you can always change your mind, even after your fundraiser ends. So regardless of your sales results, you can still get a big event by switching from option B to option A. You would then help defray the cost according to the above cost share schedule. Some schools may switch to a big event after seeing their sales results.

If you decide to switch, you must let us know by email before we receive your order forms.

NOTE: Schools receive the big event or traditional prize program, but not both. Any invoices must be paid in full before the event.

*Gross Sales exclude sales tax, if applicable.