Our Fundraiser Supply Kit is Your Guide to Success

Automate your fundraising experience

Reaching your ultimate financial goal requires proper planning, execution and perseverance from start to finish. You’ll need to know how to prepare for your fundraiser kickoff meeting and then manage your sale once you're under way.

To help you achieve your objectives, we’ll provide effective promotional tools as well as ideas that increase student participation, which will lead to more sales. You’ll also be able to notify your sellers about turning in orders, when to pick up their boxes and what to do whenever parents have questions.

With our fundraiser supply kit, everything you need to run a successful sales campaign will be at your fingertips.

Our Fundraiser Supply Kit includes:

The kit will help you:

Our fundraiser supply kit is a roadmap that is designed to help you organize and run your sale. Our school wide groups receive a guidebook that will walk them through the steps.

You will need supplies in order to process your sale. We will provide you with everything you’ll need like extra order forms, classroom envelopes to help separate your order forms and a postage-paid mailing box. You’ll also have notices so you can make copies to remind sellers when order forms are due and what day they can pick up their order.

Our primary objective is to help you reach or exceed your sales goal. Our videos will get your fundraiser started as well as help you promote it to the end. Our promotional flyers can be placed around your facility to help remind students to sell. We’ll also provide you with marketing tips that can help take your sale to another level.

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