How to Show Your Fundraiser Kickoff Video

Helpful fundraiser kickoff video tips

Showing your school fundraiser kickoff video is simple and easy. Once you’ve received your DVD in your supply kit mailer we encourage you to become familiar with how to use it before your kickoff meeting.

We recommend that you test your equipment prior to your actual kickoff meeting to make sure that everything is working properly and to become familiar with using your DVD. This will help ensure that everything goes smoothly so you can make the best impression possible on your students. What follows are your step by step instructions:

1. Start the Slideshow

You should see a menu appear once you insert the DVD:

  • Select the desired option by clicking on it. Then click on it a second time (If you are using a traditional prize program you will not see an ‘Option A’ or ‘Option B’).
  • You will then see a silent slideshow.
  • You should already have the slideshow going before the students arrive.

2. Show the Video

Once you have introduced the kickoff you are ready to start the video:

  • Click the ‘Next’ button on your DVD player and the video will start.
  • Once the video is over it will automatically go back to the silent slideshow.
  • Keep the slideshow going at the end as the students exit.

Tip: For additional information, refer to your 'How to Use Your Kickoff DVD' flyer in your fundraiser supply kit.

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