How to Prepare for a Small Group Fundraiser Kickoff

Give your sellers a strong foundation

The fundraiser kickoff is foundational to sales success. It helps establish needed sales momentum that ultimately leads to your group reaching or exceeding its financial goals.

Like anything else though, it will be necessary to spend a little time preparing for your meeting if you want to make a real impact. Your students will need to know why your fundraiser is important and what’s in it for them.

And the more effectively you communicate your objectives to your students, the more productive they’ll probably become. So if you want you want your kickoff to be successful, simply follow these steps:

1. Communicate Your Purpose:

Start by communicating the reason for your fundraiser. How do you plan to convince your sellers that your purpose is important to them? And don't just assume that they'll be obligated to participate just because they're a part of your group.

2. Share Your Goal:

Set your goal using our Group Goal Setting Guide then:

  • Let everyone know how much the group needs to raise.
  • Tell each seller how many items they will need to sell.
  • Encourage your students to set smaller daily goals.

3. Explain the Process:

Be ready to distribute and explain each of the following:

  • Order Forms (Have your students fill in the information at the top)
    • 'Ship to Buyer' programs don't use order forms.
    • 'Ship to Seller' programs require the seller to add their address to the form.
  • Brochures (Review page by page. You should familiarize yourself with the brochure ahead of time)
  • Prize Brochure (Explain what they can win)
  • Parent Letter (Make sure to have them show the letter to their parents)
  • Money Collection Envelopes (Does not apply to 'Ship to Buyer' programs):
    • Collect money up front
    • Checks are made payable to your group
    • Money and order forms are due back by the turn in date

4. Discuss Online Selling:

Prepare your students to sell online.

  • You'll receive instructions by email.
  • Make copies of your online selling information letter.
  • Inform your group that online selling is an easy way to make additional money.
  • Tell your sellers they'll receive additional prize credit for online sales.

5. Maintain Your Momentum:

You'll generate momentum at your kickoff so make sure to sustain it throughout your sale.

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