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Do Smart Smencils Really Make You Smarter?

By Clay Boggess on Jun 20, 2014
Do Smart Smencils Really Make You Smarter?

Another good reason to consider smart smencils

Smart Smencils are peppermint-scented pencils that happen to be made from 100% recycled newspapers and plastic. They are also nontoxic, lead-free and happen to use number 2 graphite writing cores.

This actually makes them compatible with computer scanned test sheets.

So is it the writing utensil itself that makes you smarter or is it the peppermint scent? Or, perhaps it’s both.

It turns out that the peppermint scent has been shown to enhance mental agility.

Smart Smencils Enhance G.P.A. reports that studies have been conducted that show that peppermint actually helps improve mental dexterity and attentiveness. According to Dr. Bryan Raudenbush, professor of Psychology at Wheeling Jesuit University, freshmen students were given a peppermint-scented pencil, or smencil to use. The more frequently the smencil was used, the higher the resulting grade point average over time.

Peppermint Improves Mental Agility

According to Dr. Raudenbush, peppermint has been shown to escalate activity in the reticular activating system of the brain which is responsible for waking us up in the morning. Enhanced activity in this part of our brain has been associated with increased mental performance. Raudenbush went on to say that the peppermint scent probably keeps the students more alert and focused so they can study more effectively. For more information, visit

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