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5 Things that Make a Smencil Fundraiser Unique

By Clay Boggess on May 16, 2014
5 Things that Make a Smencil Fundraiser Unique

Why smencil sales help schools stand out

It’s hard to find a product that both stands out as being different but is also in demand. Many groups are oversaturating the market with certain product lines that have been on the market for years.

They know these products have historically sold well, but since so many organizations are still using them, they often come across to the average buyer as repetitive and boring.

Some products are rare; however they just don’t sell because people don’t want them. On the other hand, smencils offer the best combination of both. So what makes a smencil fundraiser unique?

1. Kept Fresh with Biodegradable Packaging

In order to maintain a high level of fragrance, every smencil comes in its own corn-based biodegradable plastic freshness tube. Even the packaging is good for the environment.

2. Smencils Aren’t Candy

Don’t let the fragrances fool you. They may smell like a candy fundraiser, but they don’t come with the same drawbacks because they’re sugar-free, have no calories and they don’t melt. Obviously, they’re not meant to be eaten, but just in case, smencils are nontoxic and lead-free.

3. No Sales Competition from Retail Stores

People can’t find smencils in retail stores and that’s good for fundraising because people can only buy them through organizations that need to raise money. You just need to make sure that your students are out showing them.

4. Smencil Fundraisers Enhance Recycling Awareness

It’s not often that students get to sell something that’s actually good for the environment. As they approach neighbors, family and friends, this is one of the important benefits that they get to share.

5. Smencils Meet Rigorous Safe Standards

According to, smencils have been tested extensively and meet the rigorous standards established by CPSIA which stands for Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. Normal pencils simply can’t make this claim.

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