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How to Increase High School Cheerleader Sales

By Clay Boggess on Feb 16, 2012
How to Increase High School Cheerleader Sales

How to help your cheer squad reach their goals.

Most cheerleader coaches would tell you that their job is anything but easy. They must be astute at picking the right students for their squads, developing group unity and trust, organizing and running quality practices, and ensuring they're ready to perform at various school-related events and activities.

As if all of these things are not enough, they also need to ensure that sufficient money is raised for such things as uniforms, competitions, and camps. All of these things are expensive, so raising a great deal of money is a high priority for cheer sponsors.

Here are some ways that sponsors can work towards increasing high school cheerleader sales:

1. Decide on the Right Sales Brochure

Many things should be factored into selecting the right brochure, like what your community can afford, product variety, and experience. Cheerleading groups have done well selling candles, jewelry, and cookie dough. Since most organizations form new squads in the spring, it is also reasonable to consider a variety of spring shoppers.

2. Select a High School Level Prize Program

Most cheerleaders are already motivated to raise money, but you should consider incorporating group-specific incentives, like a sportswear or cash prize program. The company already pays for these programs. Using sportswear as an incentive allows groups to incorporate school spirit into their fundraiser. Many cheer sponsors will set their sales goal at a certain sportswear prize level and ask everyone to sell enough to get a specific sportswear item to wear together as a team.

3. Calculate your Fundraising Goal

Before your sale starts, you should know precisely how much money you'll need to raise. Since cheerleader groups typically have several needs, focusing on one goal at a time may be wise. Once you've determined how much money you need, quantify that by setting a sales goal for each seller.

4. Plan a Cheerleader Kickoff Meeting

Once you've determined your goals and objectives, you must communicate them to your cheerleaders. Having a kickoff meeting creates enthusiasm and momentum for your sale. Make sure you remind your group about how to approach people. During your kickoff, have your sellers put together prospect lists so that they will know who to approach. It is also highly recommended that you meet with your sellers to track their progress. Continuous accountability and feedback are essential.

With practical guidance and direction, you can take your cheerleader fundraiser to an even higher level.

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Clay Boggess has been designing fundraising programs for schools and various nonprofit organizations throughout the US since 1999. He’s helped administrators, teachers, and outside support entities such as PTAs and PTOs raise millions of dollars. Clay is an owner and partner at Big Fundraising Ideas.

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