I Love to Read Magic Program

What students learn at the assembly

Being able to read is foundational in our society. The benefits are numerous. With it we gain important wisdom and insight that helps us to thrive. The decisions that we make are determined by our ability to interpret information. Yet so many struggle with, or don’t like to read.

The I Love to Read Magic Program gets students excited about reading. The benefits of developing good reading habits early in life are very important. Students gain increased knowledge, improved vocabulary and better thinking skills that will help carry them through life.

By learning to utilize available resources, students can explore the wonderful world of reading, the media center, and the magic found in books. This high energy, fun-filled program teaches children the joys of reading and the adventures that await them in the pages of a book.

Reading by Choice

Students should want to read because they enjoy it, not because they have to. The program uses magical illusions, storytelling, puppetry, and student participation to instill and inspire important reading concepts. The end result is the creation of memorable messages that have a lasting and positive impact on children.

Your students will learn:

  • The benefits of reading
  • Proper library behavior
  • The many uses of the library
  • Proper care of books
  • Why readers are leaders
  • Using the library media center
  • Why it’s important to be a good reader
  • The power of reading

Additional I Love to Read Information

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