Character Counts Magic Program

What students learn at the assembly

Character defines who you are and what you do when no one’s looking. For example, whenever we find ourselves in a certain compromised situation we may feel justified to react in a way that’s expedient for us. As long as we can get away with it, that’s all that matters. We often defend our actions because it’s normal and others would have done the same thing.

But is it right? Whenever we encounter a difficult situation, how should we respond? Putting others before ourselves can often be difficult, but it should be a high priority.

The Character Counts Magic Program helps make students aware of their responsibility to others and works towards creating a caring community in their school.

The Importance of Good Character

This program teaches students the importance of developing good character. The show is designed to teach children six techniques for developing good character. Throughout the program the children will learn about trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship. These often abstract concepts are explained in a fun and magical way so children are guaranteed to remember them!

How to Develop Strong Character Traits

During the program, students will learn the magic word “Terrific” (T.R.R.F.C.C.), which is an acronym for the traits of a strong character. Our objective is to help the students understand that it's their responsibility to create a caring community in their school. Students will also learn that their actions have consequences. The show tells a fascinating story about the importance of good character using illusion and puppetry, all while incorporating audience participation. The goal is to create a remarkable message with lasting impact.

The following character traits will be emphasized:

  • Trustworthiness: Being honest and reliable.
  • Respect: Following the golden rule and learning tolerance.
  • Responsibility: Perseverance and self-control.
  • Fairness: Playing by the rules and sharing.
  • Caring: How to express compassion, gratitude and kindness.
  • Citizenship: Making your community better.

Additional Character Counts Information

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