Yes I Can Magic Program

What students learn at the assembly

Yes I can magic program helps instill valuable life skills into your students. This program is designed to educate children on several important life lessons that can prove to be useful as they face life’s challenges both now and in the future.

They’ll learn that their life matters and that the decisions they make are important not only to themselves but to others as well.

The program is divided into 2 distinct sections. The first section teaches students how to set worthwhile goals. The second section deals what to do when they encounter strangers and their potential negative influence.

1. How to Set Goals

During the first part of the program students will learn how to:

  • Properly set goals.
  • Follow through with their goals.
  • Believe in themselves.
  • Respect themselves and others.

2. How to Deal with Stranger Danger

The second half deals with stranger danger and why you should live a drug-free life. The program uses magic, storytelling and audience interaction to teach students valuable life lessons.

This program will focus on the following:

  • How to grow up and be what they want to be.
  • Why they are a special, unique and valuable person.
  • The dangers of drugs, smoking and alcohol.
  • How to deal with strangers.
  • How to be a leader, not a follower.
  • How to become motivated.
  • How to properly set goals.
  • The importance of school, study and hard work.

The magic show is also entertaining as well as educational. We feel it's important that students have fun and enjoy themselves throughout the show. This is important to them being receptive to the ideas and messages being presented.

Additional Yes I Can Magic Show Information

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