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Magic of Recycling Magic Program

What students learn at a recycling magic show assembly.

The magic of recycling magic program teaches children about the importance of recycling and how to take care of their environment.

We will explore the world of recycling and the importance of saving energy. This fun-filled assembly illustrates the impact of recycling and how everyone can get involved and make a difference in saving our planet.

So what makes this show so memorable? The students will not only learn about recycling, they'll actually see it ‘magically’ taking place during the show.

Get Students Excited about Recycling

The basic goal of this program is to get students excited about recycling. Protecting the environment shouldn't be something they have to do, but rather what they want to do. The show combines magic, storytelling, and audience participation with important educational themes.

This program teaches the following lessons:

  • Who should recycle?
  • What recycling is all about.
  • Where things go when they are recycled.
  • When should you recycle?
  • Why recycling and energy conservation are so important for our environment.
  • How to start recycling today.

Creating memorable messages that have a lasting and positive impact on children is the ultimate goal of the program.

For follow up resource material, visit our Additional Magic of Recycling Information page.

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