Fantastic Friends Magic Program

What students learn at the assembly

Many have heard the often repeated quote that says, “Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer”. This saying is not only clever but profound. It’s imperative that we be able to properly identify who our enemies are and how they can negatively influence us.

Just as important, it can be said that the company you keep defines who you are. Who you hang out with says a lot about you. You can tell a lot about someone just by observing their friends.

So how do we select the people that we end up associating with, and how should we choose them? The Fantastic Friends Magic Program teaches the value of choosing positive friends and the dangers of bullying and gangs.

How to select the right friends

This program is for any student faced with the difficult decision of who to pick for friends. Because they have so much influence, students will learn how to select good friends and positive groups. They will also be taught three practical steps to protect themselves from negative friends and peer influences.

How to handle bullies and gangs

“Bullies Be Gone!” is the charge as students learn important proactive steps to deal with this playground terror. They will understand how the friends they choose today will effect who they become later on. This program is applicable for every school who wants to teach its students how to select friends responsibly. Throughout the program the children will learn the acronym S.T.A.M.P, which will teach them how to “Stamp” out bullies.

Students will learn how to:

  • Choose the right friends
  • Stay away from bullies
  • Tell someone if they are being bullied
  • Avoid bad situations
  • Project confidence

Additional Fantastic Friends Information

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