State Test Magic Pep Talk

What students learn at the assembly

The state test magic pep talk gives students the confidence they need to excel at standardized tests.

Examinations are what we use to determine academic success and thus are an important part of the educational process; however they don’t always tell the entire story. Current research shows that there are important differences between students who score high on exams and those who score low. And students who are smart don't always score well on exams.

There are basically 2 types of students who score well on exams and intelligence has little to do with either:

1. Students who are self-confident

  • Are more relaxed when taking an exam
  • Are able to think more clearly
  • Do not feel intimidated by tests

These students also tend to be more persistent with regard to their school work.

2. Students who are effective test takers

  • Are able to follow directions
  • Know how to avoid common mistakes
  • Know how to use their time effectively and efficiently
  • Can maximize their scores by educated guessing

This program is designed to teach children valuable exam taking skills and how to be confident when taking exams. The pep talk uses comedy and magic to illustrate several key exam taking strategies.

This program teaches the following lessons:

  • How to develop good strategies by properly addressing test questions and making educated guesses.
  • How to take tests by following instructions and checking their work.

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