Internet Safety Magic Program

What students learn at the assembly

The internet is a wonderful tool that gives us easy access to seemingly unlimited information. You can learn just about anything with the click of a mouse. Unfortunately, anyone can post virtually anything online. The internet thus poses some dangers that children need to be aware of.

The Internet Safety Magic Program teaches students the dangers to avoid and ways to stay safe when using the internet by using comedy and magic. The magician will also provide the students with several rules for internet safety to help keep web surfing safe and enjoyable. The use of onstage volunteers and magic illustrates some simple guidelines that all kids and adults should know in order to stay safe online.

Students will learn the following about internet safety:

  • Why the internet is such a wonderful tool.
  • How some downloads can damage the computer.
  • When is it safe to chat online?
  • How people will say things to get your personal information and how to avoid it.
  • How things and people are not always what they claim to be online.
  • Talking with your parents about the internet.

Additional Internet Safety Information

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