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Just Say No Magic Program

Peer influence can be a powerful force and the Just Say No Magic Program teaches students about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and smoking by encouraging them to make good choices.

The audience will learn that they have the right to say no. Students will realize that there are everyday situations in which they should say no. This show is designed to empower children so they're not afraid to make the right decisions in the heat of the battle. They’ll understand that they have options and that they’re not alone.

Practical Solutions for Difficult Situations

Most important, this program will teach them exactly how to say no. The program also illustrates how students may feel in a “say no situation”, and then illustrates, in a non-threatening way, what might happen if they don’t say no.

The 4 Magic Words

During the assembly the children will learn the 4 magic words “No”, “Go”, “Tell”, & “Yell”. These four words are fully explained during the show and repeated several times. Through the use of magic, storytelling, puppetry, and audience participation students will learn exactly what to do when confronted with drugs.

This program teaches the following lessons:

  • The Dangers of drugs, alcohol and tobacco.
  • Why you should never try drugs...even once.
  • Legal drugs are dangerous too.
  • The consequences of drug abuse.
  • What to do if someone tries to sell or give you drugs.
  • Talking with your parents about drugs.
  • The 4 magic words: “No”, “Go”, “Tell”, & “Yell”.

For follow up resource material, visit our Additional Just Say No Information page.

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