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What Fundraiser Groups Need to Run a Catalog Sale

By Clay Boggess on Oct 30, 2015
What Fundraiser Groups Need to Run a Catalog Sale

Check out these ideas before you plan your next sale

We assume that you already have a group of students, a financial goal and a fundraising purpose. Hopefully you’ve also done your homework and looked into the pros and cons of the various ways that you can raise money. If a catalog sale is where your research journey has taken you then you’ll probably want to know what you need to run your fundraiser.

Before you start though, you’ll want to make sure your students have the supplies they need while you in turn have effective selling tools at your disposal.

What follows are the essential things that fundraiser groups need to run an effective catalog sale.

Brochure Fundraising Supplies for Students

Here is a list of supplies that each student will need before your kickoff meeting:

  1. Parent Information Letter
  2. Sales Brochure
  3. Order Form
  4. Money Collection Envelope
  5. Prize Brochure

The parent information letter informs parents about the fundraiser and how it will work. The sales catalog displays all of the items that can be purchased and is what students and parents will show to neighbors, family and friends.

Once people decide to make a purchase, they’ll need to place the information on the order form. The money is collected and placed in the money collection envelope. The purchaser is then informed that items will be delivered in approximately 3 weeks.

Each student receives a prize brochure that tells them what prizes they can win for selling items.

Sponsors Fundraiser Sales Tools

In order to conduct an effective sales campaign, fundraiser groups need sales tools.

School wide elementary and middle schools receive the following:

  • School Fundraising Guidebook: Helps the sponsor navigate the various stages of their sale, provides additional selling tips and help answer questions.
  • Motivational Selling Video: Provides students with need to know information about the fundraiser.
  • Promotional Flyers: Extra prize flyers are provided so sponsors can post in key areas around the school.
  • Additional Order Forms: In the event that students fill up their first order form, the sponsor can provide extras as needed.
  • Classroom Envelopes: Allows sponsors to sort individual student order forms by class. Once merchandise is delivered, the outside of each box would have both the student and teacher name.
  • Postage-Paid Mailing Box: Once teacher envelopes are placed inside this box, the sponsor simply mails it via UPS.

The list for smaller high school groups includes everything except the guidebook and the video. For more information, see how to prepare for a small group fundraiser kickoff.

Tools that Improve Fundraising Performance

In addition to the essential sales tools, it’s also important to provide ways for fundraiser groups to maximize their results. Here are some tools that we provide:

  • Fundraiser Goal Setting Guide: Allows you to determine your sales potential.
  • Sales Tracking: Offers a way for you to track your progress while holding your sellers accountable. Works best with smaller groups.
  • Prospect Lists: Helps high school students’ jump-start their sales efforts by creating a list of people that they can approach.
  • The NOW Selling Method: Provides an easy to use sales pitch for middle and high school students.

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