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Top 10 Brochure Fundraising Incentives that Work

By Clay Boggess on Jan 29, 2016
Top 10 Brochure Fundraising Incentives that Work

Learn which incentives you should be using

No, we’re not talking about prize programs. These are complimentary incentive plans offered by the brochure company and take no extra effort on the sponsor’s part to implement. If you think your prize program is enough, we think you’re settling for average results.

On the other hand, by also implementing brochure fundraising incentives along with your prize program, you can potentially add thousands to your bottom line. These motivators will encourage additional sales per seller as well as motivate more students to jump off the fence and become involved.

Many seem willing to offer their advice about how to motivate your students to sell; however, the following 10 brochure fundraiser incentives have actually been proven to work, and work extremely well. So choose one and make the most of it.

  1. The Prize Drawing Incentive Game: Students can actually win prizes during the sale by entering their prize coupon in a drawing every time they sell 5 items. You can use smaller inexpensive prizes, or even special privileges that won’t cost you a dime. You can conduct as many drawings during the sale as you’d like. The more the better. But make sure to draw out multiple names so more students feel like they have a chance to win.
  2. Super Student VIP Card Incentive: Only students who sell 25 or more items can win a VIP card that contains 5 special privileges on the back. You decide when to have your VIP days although we recommend once a month throughout the school year. Each VIP day gives card carrying members the opportunity to exercise their privileges. Choose things like a free dress day or no homework pass. You decide what privileges you want on the card and we’ll create your card for you.
  3. Jump for George Incentive Game: Reward either your top 10 sellers or the top seller in each class. Line up dollar bills end to end and have each student broad jump as far as they can. Hand out as many dollars as they’re able to jump past.
  4. Video Game Truck Incentive: Students love to play video games. You can arrange to have a portable indoor game room at your school for every student who sells 20 items or more and rotate them through every 20 minutes, or give your top 15 sellers a 2 hour video game party.
  5. Mystery Person Incentive Game: You need brochure fundraising incentives that also work for middle and high school students. Assign 1 to 3 faculty members to be the mystery people. The first students to find them and ask them to make a purchase win a prize, privilege or cash. For proof, provide your mystery people with a ticket or certificate that students have to bring back. This is a great way to get students out selling.
  6. Money Incentive Game: This is a perfect way to motivate smaller group sponsors to monitor their sales. Set 3 periodic goals that student have to hit during the sale to qualify to win $20. Place everyone’s name in a hat and draw out one name. If that student can show you their order form and money envelope as proof that they’ve reached the goal for that day, then you hand them the money. However, what happens if that person doesn’t win the 1st drawing? The $20 becomes $40 for the next drawing, and if no one wins the 2nd drawing, the 3rd drawing amount goes up to $60. It’s possible that you may not end up giving away any money if the 3 names that you draw out don’t reach their goals; but you’ll sure motivate the rest of your students to sell because they don’t know if their name will get drawn out.
  7. Sell 10 to Get In: Students have to sell 10 or more items to get into a fun activity or event like a pizza party. Middle school students will sell to have a chance to go to a DJ party. See if you can get the principal to be the DJ.
  8. Principal Incentive: Ask the principal to do something funny or crazy if the school reaches a certain fundraising goal. Ask them to kiss a pig, come to school in their pajamas or dye their hair green.
  9. Grand Prize Drawing: Offer a big prize at the end of your fundraiser. Sell 5, get your name in once. Sell 10, get your name in twice and so on.
  10. Top Seller Prize: Offer your big prize to the student who sells the most, or give away 3 prizes to your top 3 sellers.

The key to the success of your sale also depends on how well you promote your brochure fundraising incentives.

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