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Why Successful Fundraisers Need Good Sponsors

By Clay Boggess on Feb 7, 2013
Why Successful Fundraisers Need Good Sponsors

Why your group's success is directly dependent on you the sponsor

What's more important, the sales brochure or the sponsor? Some may even say that successful fundraisers are determined by the prize program.

There are many things that contribute to a successful sale. However, one thing that is often overlooked is the impact of the sponsor. Good sponsors not only take charge and provide strong leadership; they understand the value of utilizing sales tools to help them manage their campaign. The ability to effectively lead their organization to strive towards its goal is paramount.

Most organizations fall short because sponsors don’t utilize the resources that are available to them. You can have the best brochure and prize program in the world, but if you don't carry out your plan, you won't succeed.

Successful Sponsor Requirements

When working with a sponsor we attempt to stress the following:

  • Establish a goal and purpose.
  • Plan for an organized fundraiser kickoff.
  • Keep students focused on the goal.

Preparing for a Successful Fundraiser

The first thing that we ask sponsors to complete is our presale information form. The primary purpose of the form is to get the sponsor to understand how much each student needs to sell to reach their goal. In order for students to succeed they need to know what’s expected of them. This information needs to be communicated at the kickoff meeting and then broken down into smaller periodic goals. We provide a tracking tool to help smaller sponsors monitor this.

The Importance of the Fundraising Kickoff

Probably the most important thing that sponsors can do is plan to have an organized and inspirational kickoff meeting. This is foundational and gives sponsors the opportunity to make their case to their students. Don’t expect your students to just go out and sell. It doesn't matter how motivated you think they are. You’ll have to work to convince them, just like they’ll need to put effort into selling.

However, the kickoff is only the beginning. What sponsors do from the time the sale starts to the end can make a big difference. This is why we also recommend incorporating additional incentives that are specifically designed to inspire students to maximize their selling efforts. Some ideas include:

How are you going to prepare to help your students succeed?

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