Scratch Card Ordering Guide

How to order scratch cards

Our scratch card ordering guide helps you decide how much to order based on the number of sellers you have in your group.

You can also determine your fundraising profit. A price discount is offered based on how much you order.

We recommend providing 1-2 cards to each seller. To help determine the number of cards to order, multiply the number of cards per seller by the number of sellers.

For example, a sponsor with 24 students may ask each student to collect donations using 1 scratch card:

1 card / seller x 24 sellers = 24 cards

In our example above, the group makes $1,920 profit by collecting donations from 24 cards making $80 profit per card.

24 cards x $80 profit / card = $1,920 profit

Use the following chart as a guide to set your profit goal based on the number of students in your group and how many scratch cards you want each student to sell:

Scratch Card Profit Chart

Sellers1 Card/Seller2 Cards/Seller3 Cards/Seller

The minimum order is 10 cards. Your personalized discount cards will deliver within 7 business days. We offer free shipping on your initial order and on any reorders.

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