The Expert Behind the Reptile Adventures Show

Reptile Adventures Mission

Danny Conner, the developer of the Reptile Adventures Show, has studied, cared for and presented reptiles to audiences for over 30 years.

He comes from a family of educators. His father was a principal and his mother worked as a school nurse. He also has a wife and sister who have also worked as teachers.

Danny has a passion for reptiles and feels that it's his mission to educate young people about them. He's been a perennial favorite of school districts for many years. He performs in front of hundreds of thousands of people across the nation year after year. He received a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with a minor in Journalism and enjoys teaching students about the importance of reptiles using a fun yet informative approach.

The audience will learn:

  • What is a reptile?
  • The anatomy of reptiles
  • What makes a reptile a reptile and what are the differences between reptiles?
  • Reptiles and their place in the natural world
  • The importance of reptiles
  • The reptile environment and conservation
  • Which reptiles make good pets and which do not?
  • Why some reptiles are misunderstood

Danny’s style of presentation appeals to both young people as well as adults. His sense of humor and his vast knowledge of and love for animals are evident in his performances.

The types of reptiles at the show include:

  • Pythons
  • Rat Snakes
  • King Snakes
  • Venomous snakes (Display Only)*
  • Lizards (Savannah Monitors and Blue Tongue Skinks)
  • Turtles and Tortoises (Big Spur Tortoise and huge Alligator Snapping Turtle)
  • American Alligator (Baby or Juvenile)
  • Collection of various skulls

*Venomous snakes are kept behind glass and under lock and key.

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