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Beef Jerky Fundraisers

Jack Link’s beef jerky fundraisers offer premium quality 100% beef snacks that are high in protein and low in sugar.

  • Original Beef Stick Tote - jl-F2104

    Original Beef Stick

    Jack Link’s beef jerky fundraisers are highly profitable. Our top seller is a high protein snack made with 100% beef that’s also low in sugar.

  • Super-Size Beef Stick Tote - jl-88260

    Super-Size Beef Stick

    Super-size your beef sticks and make more profit.

  • Variety Meat Snacks Display Kit - jl-10000005062

    Variety Meat Snacks

    Combine 3 popular meat snacks into 1 sale by offering Squatch Sticks, Beef Sticks and Beef Steaks. Perfect for concession stands.

  • Original Beef Jerky Packet - jl-10000007721

    Original Beef Jerky

    Original beef jerky fundraisers can be done on campus during school hours because they meet all federal nutritional requirements.

  • American Beef and Cheese Packet - jl-01039

    American Beef & Cheese

    Combine a 100% Beef Stick with a slice of real Wisconsin Cheddar cheese.

  • Jalapeno Beef and Cheese Packet - jl-01040

    Jalapeño Beef & Cheese

    Spice it up with a 100% Beef Stick and a slice of real Wisconsin Cheddar cheese blended with jalapeño chili peppers.