Otis Spunkmeyer Extravaganza

Otis Spunkmeyer Extravaganza Catalog Fundraiser

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Variety sells, and it doesn’t get any bigger than Otis Spunkmeyer Extravaganza. The largest frozen food brochure in school fundraising has over 100 items to choose from.

Offer everything, including cookie dough, cheesecakes, cinnamon rolls, muffins, pizzas and so much more! Additional sales can be made through our online store.

Product Details

Supplies: No cost
Orders packed by seller.
Average Price: $18
Delivery: Free shipping

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Calculate Your Profit


How much can you make on an Extravaganza brochure fundraiser?

To answer this question you’ll need to know your group size (student count) as well as how many items you think each student can sell (student item goal). Here’s how you can estimate your profit:

Calculation Steps

  1. Student Count x Student Item Goal = Items Sold
  2. Items Sold x Average Retail Price = Gross Sales
  3. Gross Sales x Profit % = Group Profit


  1. Let’s say you have 60 students and you set your student item goal at 10. The items sold would be 60 Students x 10 Items / Student = 600.
  2. Next, determine your gross sales. The average retail price is about $17 so your gross sales would be 600 Items x $17 = $10,200.
  3. Your profit is 40%, so your group makes $10,200 x 40% = $4,080.

Keep in mind that our example is only an estimated profit. In reality, students probably won’t sell the same number of items. In addition, the average retail dollars sold per seller will vary.

Profit is determined by combining the total number of brochure and online store items sold.