How to Have Profitable High School Fundraisers

Effective ways high school sponsors can boost their profits

When it comes to selling, high school students offer distinct advantages as well as unique challenges. The advantages are they can learn to use more effective selling techniques.

They’re also typically a part of a smaller group which means that sponsor can exert greater control and influence. Additionally, older students can better understand their group’s needs and goals than younger students.

However, with so many other organizations on campus also out selling, competition for sales can be extremely fierce. They often have other commitments that contend for their time as well. In order to minimize the challenges and maximize the advantages there are specific thing that you can do. Here are 3 things that you can do that can result in more profitable high school fundraisers.

1. Set Fundraising Goals

High school students understand the concept of working towards a goal. It’s important that they know what’s expected of them. Make sure to also break down your sale into smaller goals. For example, if your overall goal is for each student to sell 15 items, your short-term goals might look like this:

  1. Sell 4 items by the day after the kickoff.
  2. Have 8 items sold by the halfway point.

Set your fundraising goal

2. Track Your Sale

Unless your students know you’ll be tracking their progress, they’ll probably lose focus on selling. You can use your short-term goals to check their order forms and money envelopes. We encourage sponsors to use our fundraiser progress tracker.

3. Make Selling Fun

Many high school students enjoy competition and recognition. You can further increase sales by incorporating an additional incentive like a top seller prize or a group-related privilege.

Profitable high school fundraising is the result of successfully motivating your students to work towards clearly defined sales goals.

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