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Effective Tools for High School Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on Jun 14, 2012
Effective Tools for High School Fundraisers

Your guide to a successful high school sale

Students involved in high school fundraisers have a built in advantage over younger groups. They're more capable of understanding and incorporating more advanced selling techniques.

Students who are successful at utilizing these methods usually bring in significantly more sales. So instead of simply telling your students to go out and sell, you can actually provide them with effective sales tools that will help them to flourish.

You should consider incorporating the following tools. Then discuss and implement them at your kickoff meeting with your students.

Sales Prospect Lists

Have your students create prospecting lists so they can approach people they've targeted as promising buyers. This gives them the opportunity to brainstorm on potential customers. They can also use the list to track their progress while giving themselves a sense of accomplishment.

Fundraiser Expenses Worksheet

Instead of simply telling your students how many items they need to sell, have them calculate it themselves. For example, if you know that each student needs to raise $300, have them complete their own expenses worksheet. This way, they'll understand what it’s going to take to be successful.

NOW Selling Method

When approaching people and asking them to buy, it's not very effective when students say something like, "Want to buy something?" Since they're out in the community representing your organization, your sellers should be seen as professional and polite. People will respect students who first introduce themselves and briefly explain why they're selling before asking for support. They can accomplish this in one simple sentence. To make it easy, have your students incorporate The NOW selling method. You can even have the students’ pair up and practice this before the end of the kickoff.

By giving your students effective fundraising tools, you're helping them take ownership and find sales success for themselves.

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