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Frequently Asked Questions

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    Big Event Prize Programs

    If you choose a big event for your prize program, we’ll be bringing it to your school. You’ll need to know how to prepare it.

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    General Program Information

    You may have questions about our programs, like how long a fundraiser typically lasts or how our process works.

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    Helpful Sales Tools

    Having access to the right sales tools will help your fundraiser run smoothly and successfully. Make sure to take advantage of what we have to offer.

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    Promoting Your Sale

    To ensure success, you’ll need to promote your sale to your students by using posters, showing videos, sending out letters and making announcements.

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    Starting a Fundraiser

    The kickoff is where you get the chance to promote your fundraiser to your students. We'll help prepare you for a successful kickoff.

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    Types of Fundraisers

    You may be unsure about the type of fundraiser you want to do. Find answers to specific questions about a particular brochure or product.