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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Big Event Incentives

    Big Event Incentives

    If you choose one of our big event incentives, like a super party or magic show for your fundraiser prize program, we’ll bring it right to your school.

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    General Program Information

    Here are general program information tips about our fundraising programs, like do we receive free supplies and how does a brochure fundraiser work.

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    Helpful Sales Tools

    Our helpful sales tools ensure that you fundraiser is a success. Maximize your sale by taking advantage of all that we have to offer.

  • Promoting Your Sale

    Promoting Your Sale

    Ensure school fundraiser success by promoting your sale to your students using visual posters, showing exciting videos, and making creative announcements.

  • Starting a Fundraiser

    Starting a Fundraiser

    If you’re interested in starting a fundraiser, make sure you plan to have a kickoff meeting with your students. Learn how to prepare for your sale.

  • Types of Fundraisers

    Types of Fundraisers

    You may be unsure about the types of fundraisers that we offer. Learn more about our programs so you can make an informed decision.