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Should Schools Expect Company Fundraiser Notices?

By Clay Boggess on May 24, 2012
Should Schools Expect Company Fundraiser Notices?

What you need to know during your sale

We encourage our schools to regularly follow up with their sellers. This helps ensure they’re continuing to work towards their sales goals. Sponsors should be sending home notices as well as talking about their sale during morning announcements. After all, getting the most out of the limited time they actually have to sell should take precedence. Once their sale is complete, there should be no regrets.

Likewise, should schools expect fundraiser notices from us? Some sponsors may feel they don’t need them, while others appreciate the accountability and encouragement. We choose to follow up with every sponsor at specific points of the sale because we don’t want to assume anything either. Does this sound too good to be true? Here are notices every sponsor needs to receive and why.

Post Fundraiser Kickoff Reminder

Since groups need to get off to a strong start, we feel that sending an email to the sponsor after their school fundraising kickoff is important. Some schools think at this point they can simply let their students make the sales and their work is done. Yet, reminding sponsors about the ongoing promotion of their campaign is vital to maximizing sales. Among other things, the post kickoff email reminds sponsors that their work has just begun.

Mid Sale Notice

Once schools are at the halfway point, sponsors should have a good idea of their sales progress. The majority of the sales will have taken place within the first 3-5 days. The goal is to get the sponsor to keep:

End of Selling Notice

Before the sale ends, we send out a wrap-up email informing sponsors to remind sellers to keep selling, but to start preparing their money collection envelopes and order forms for turn in day. Our large group sponsors also receive a school fundraising guidebook that provides reminder letters. The better you are about wrapping up your sale, the quicker you'll have all of the money and order forms turned in.

Fundraiser Shipping Notice

Once an order is ready to ship from our warehouse, we send each of our schools their shipping information. This gives them time to prepare for their delivery.

Fundraiser notices help ensure that schools have smooth and successful sales. Even if we don't hear from our sponsors during their sale, that doesn’t mean they won’t hear from us.

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