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What to Expect from a School Fundraising Company

By Clay Boggess on Apr 28, 2011
What to Expect from a School Fundraising Company

What to know before signing up for your next sale

Any good school fundraising company is passionate about providing tools to their customers that can enhance their sale. Some companies provide more resources than others so make sure and do your homework.

It turns out that successful selling involves more than finding the right brochure and prize program, so if there are companies that tell you it’s that simple, perhaps you should look elsewhere.

You’ll need tools that will help you get organized, positively impact student participation and assist you in wrapping up your sale quickly. So what tools should you consider? Here’s what you should expect from your school fundraising company.

Utilize Organizational Resources

Your company should provide you with a complete breakdown of what steps to follow. They should provide a fundraising guidebook of some kind that spells out what to expect at every stage of the sale. We encourage our customers to review our manual ahead of time. Will you need to do your own collating because your fundraising material arrives bulk, or do you receive student fundraiser packets that are ready for distribution? Additional online resources should also be made available so you can utilize them at your convenience.

Employ Effective Selling Tools

Make sure to use tools that will help make your sale more productive. The best way to do that is to employ additional incentives at a time when you can make the most impact. Don’t just rely on the main prize program to motivate your sellers. Students might forget to sell so keep them engaged by incorporating things like periodic prize drawings to remind them and keep them interested. Your sellers are your most important resource so do whatever it takes to communicate the importance of your fundraiser to them.

What kinds of promotional materials will you receive? Posting prize flyers and promotional videos that you can show your students during your sale are important reminders.

Being able to promote your sale online is also important. Social media helps get the word out to your community, and beyond. Also, does your company offer an online store where out of town friends and relatives can order product and help your school? Plus, students earn extra prize credit when online sales are made. You can also spread the word about what specific product you are selling by linking your company to your school website, for example. Don’t forget to also include the brochure page URL in your Facebook and Twitter messages.

Wrap up Your Fundraiser Efficiently

Once you receive your merchandise your goal should be to get it out the door as quickly as possible. Will you company provide you with advanced notice or even a scheduled delivery date ahead of time so you can notify your parents? Will the delivery driver bring your order inside the school or expect your people to do it? Will you receive a detailed sales report that breaks down your results? Who will handle any broken or missing items, you or the company?

Probably the most important factor is the service that you'll receive throughout your sale. The company should not only answer your questions when you contact them, but also proactively notify you about important updates as well. As you can see, there's a lot that goes into planning a successful sale. So make sure you choose a school fundraising company that can deliver.

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