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How to Prepare for Your Super Splash Party Event

How to Prepare for Your Super Splash Party Event
How to Prepare for Your Super Splash Party Event

Big Event Super Splash Party Checklist

Our goal is for all of our big events to be exceptional in the eyes of your students. In fact, the more memorable it is, the more your students will talk about it to their peers. This will have a positive effect on future fundraisers as well.

There are some things that you’ll need to do to prepare for your super splash party event before your inflatable company shows up. For example, should your event take place on the grass or on the playground, and where do you want your students to store their extra pair of clothes and towel during the party? Your goal is for your event to run smoothly and for your students to have a great experience.

Here are the steps to help you get ready:

1. Contact Your Volunteers:

  • All volunteers should arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the super splash party. They will be asked to attend a brief inflatable safety presentation.
  • Volunteers may get wet so inform them about appropriate dress.
  • Staff who will be participating in the ‘soak your favorite teacher’ event will get wet. Make sure they dress accordingly. Learn more
  • Obtaining volunteers is your group’s responsibility (at least 10-15 volunteers are required).

2. Locate Outlets:

  • Identify all available electrical outlets at the event location (Only if gas generators will not be used).
  • Make sure at least 2 hose faucets have been identified. They must be relatively close to where the inflatables will be set up.

3. Secure a Large Hard Surface Area:

  • Make sure that a large concrete or asphalt area has been cleared and reserved at least 2 hours before the start of the event.
  • If a parking lot will be used, please make sure that everyone knows to park in an alternate location.

4. Plan for a Safe Event:

  • Review and enforce our safety rules.
  • No running allowed at any time.
  • Announce proper student attire:
    • One-piece bathing suits are recommended for girls and shorts for boys.
    • Everyone must also wear a shirt. Dark shirts are suggested.
    • We recommend sending a note home with the sellers the day before the event reminding them to bring:
      • An extra pair of clothes
      • A towel

5. Have Additional Supplies:

  • Many inflatable companies do not provide a money wheel.
    • If you are unable to provide your own, we suggest that you do something like Jump for George instead.
    • We recommend not setting up your money wheel or money machine until the end when you have your awards ceremony.
  • Please provide one table and a few chairs (The chairs are for the volunteers).
  • Ensure that students who qualified have filled out the soak your favorite teacher form.
  • We recommend that you provide music at your party.

6. Promote Your Event:

  • Get your group excited by making periodic announcements before the show date.
  • Arrange to have someone at your super splash party from your local newspaper or TV station.
  • Take pictures during the event and create a display for all to see.

PLEASE NOTE: Once your event is over we’ll send you a feedback form to complete. If you submit a picture with your form we’ll feature it on our website. You’ll also receive a $50 online store gift card.

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What Our Customers Say


Thank you for everything! We had a wonderful time at the super splash party! The inflatable games were great!

Angelica Perez
PTC President
Alma Pierce Elementary

The students are even more excited because of the water activities at the super splash party! It is an additional motivation for them to sell.

Gloria Paredes
PTA Vice President
Milton Elementary

Our students enjoyed the activities at the super splash party and look forward to another chance to participate. Our hope is that it will boost interest for those who did not participate this year. Our party was talked about by parents, teachers and friends!

Kathy Ortiz
Sanders Elementary

Every student will want the super splash party next year!

Sandy Ortiz
Assistant Principal
Kostoryz Elementary

Our students had a blast and enjoyed themselves tremendously at the super splash party! This was a wonderful event! Great job!

Misty Upton
PTA Secretary
Refugio Elementary

Our students loved every minute of the super splash party and I believe that is why we had our most profitable fundraiser ever!

Monico Rodriguez
O'Grady Elementary

The Big Event Super Splash Party was excellent! It motivated those students who did not previously sell. Great job!

Sonia Longoria
Fundraising Chair
Leal Elementary

Our students really had a wonderful time (Our staff also had time to enjoy themselves). Overall it was a great thing for our students. Thanks!

Pete Morales
Zapata South Elementary

The students had a blast at the super splash party! We liked it so much that our principal wants them back again for the end of school. The super splash party was excellent and I will definitely recommend it to others.

Ruben De La Rosa
Assistant Principal
Lyford Elementary

Our kids love to go to the super splash party! The super splash party is excellent and exceptionally organized.

Valerie Layton
PTO President
Sinton Elementary

Our students had a blast at the Big Event Super Splash Party! The students had plenty to do and to top it off the event was very clean and well organized. The super splash party was excellent and I will definitely recommend it to others!

Raynaldo Perez
Archie Parr Elementary

Our students had a great time at the Big Event Super Splash Party! The super splash party was excellent and I definitely recommend it to others.

Roman Nieto
Sam Houston Elementary

The super splash party is a great motivator for sales! It was a blast and our kids loved it!

Eva Rodriguez
Blaschke Sheldon Elementary

What a fantastic time we had at the super splash party! The parent volunteers had just as much fun as the students. We look forward to next year.

Rey Escalante
PTO President
Flour Bluff Intermediate

The party was well organized by the company and they had student safety in mind at all times. I would recommend this activity and type of fundraising project to any organization.

A. Padilla
Heights Elementary