Soak Your Favorite Teacher Fundraising Incentive

A higher level super splash party incentive

The Soak Your Favorite Teacher fundraising incentive is a higher prize level on our super splash party prize brochure.

When using the super splash party to motivate your students to sell out of their brochure, this incentive will not only encourage more students to participate, but inspire many to sell more than they ordinarily would.

As a result, if you promote this well, enthusiasm will grow and you’ll overall sales will increase. This is one of the many things that students love about the splash party.

Higher Prize Level Required

Students who reach prize level 2 get to put their request on the soak your favorite teacher form. They’ll have up to 5 tries to either soak or dunk the teacher.

Teacher Suggestions

Most students choose a teacher; however they can choose anyone they want from the school. Other popular choices include:

  • The Principal
  • Assistant Principal
  • Coach
  • Counselor

TIP: Reserve the principal for the top seller in the school.

How it Works

Obviously, teachers have the right to say no to being soaked by a student. Students can continue to request teachers until someone says yes. Most of the time, their first request agrees to be soaked.

A dunk tank or soaking device will be present for the students to use throughout the party. The soaking of the teachers by their respective students only takes place at the end of the event during the awards ceremony. This is so everyone can watch those students who reached level 2 or higher have fun with this activity.

Teacher Attire

Teachers are notified in advance if they’ve received a request by a student to be soaked at the super splash party. It is recommended that they bring a second pair of clothes to change into because they’ll be completely drenched.

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