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Top 6 Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas for Schools

By Clay Boggess on Oct 2, 2021
Top 6 Nonprofit Fundraising Ideas for Schools

Fast and easy fundraising ideas for a nonprofit

Did you know that Big Fundraising Ideas (BFI) can help raise money for nonprofit organizations? Nonprofits can sell seasonal and personalized gifts, food, discount cards, flowers, and more to advance their mission.

The most successful nonprofit fundraising ideas keep their audiences in mind. Some communities prefer supporting causes through an online store, while others are more likely to purchase products through in-person interactions. In addition, consider your target audiences’ hobbies, giving budgets, ages, and locations.

These 6 simple product fundraising ideas for nonprofit organizations have been proven to be effective. Best of all, BFI offers numerous fundraising resources to maximize your revenue and reach.

1. Dog Accessories

Inspired Innovations is the perfect fundraising idea for an animal rescue, human society, or conservation nonprofit. This specialty product line includes hip pet accessories and essentials.

Customers love Inspired Innovation’s nighttime safety collars and leashes in pink and blue. BFI includes an online store with this brochure fundraiser.

2. Flowers

Flowers symbolize hope, youth, life, passion, healing, and more. A fall flower or spring flower fundraiser is a great way to spread a mission-focused message while raising funds for an important cause.

The American Cancer Society’s annual Daffodil Day fundraiser represents a great example of a nonprofit employing the uplifting message of flowers – an emblem of hope and resilience in the face of cancer.

3. Lollipops

Looking for a feel-good fundraiser for a kids’ nonprofit organization? A lollipop campaign might be the perfect option.

With a variety of options like the Color Xploder and Lolliween lollipops, BFI has lollipop options for every season, style, and taste.

4. Coffee Collection

For the more serious nonprofit, we suggest the ultimate coffee collection fundraiser by Boston’s Best Coffee Roasters. The brochure includes 15 unique flavors like French vanilla, hazelnut crème, cinnamon, and decaf.

Groups with morning meetings of professionals, like service clubs or Toastmasters, appreciate the option of a fundraising product that can be demoed and enjoyed together.

5. Tumbler Fundraiser

Custom tumblers are a great option for nonprofits looking to simultaneously spread awareness, announce an organizational launch or rebrand, or promote brand recognition while also raising money.

Earn up to 50% profit with our popular Kendal, Alpine, or Tritan branded tumblers.

Check out our tumbler tips and tricks to increase your profit margin and boost sales.

6. Scratch & Discount Cards

With our scratch card and discount card fundraisers, nonprofits can quickly and easily raise money with a fun, interactive activity. Both types of cards include personalized branding with your organization’s colors and logo.

These cards could be the right fit for nonprofits that interact with numerous supporters throughout the day or frequently host events. Make giving approachable for donors of all income levels with $10 discount cards and $0.50-$3 scratch cards.


A nonprofit product fundraiser cannot exist in isolation – it must be part of a larger fundraising strategy that encompasses board engagement, multichannel communications, and prompt donor acknowledgement. Used wisely, product fundraising can help diversify your nonprofit’s revenue sources and become a reliable event that donors look forward to every year.

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