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No-Cost Fundraising Prizes that Improve Sales

By Clay Boggess on Jan 19, 2012
No-Cost Fundraising Prizes that Improve Sales

How to boost sales without spending money on expensive prizes

The problem with incorporating additional incentives into your sale is the extra cost. Will you make back the money that you’ve spent on that big top seller prize or limo ride? Even though your students will probably be excited about the chance to win these prizes, you really don't know if they'll translate into more sales. If you do end up spending the money, be sure to promote your incentives throughout your sale in order to help achieve a good return on your investment.

However, what if you could offer no-cost fundraising prizes and achieve a similar increase in sales? Here are some ideas that many groups have been successfully incorporating for years.

Fundraiser Prize Drawings Increase Enthusiasm

Don’t just remind your students to sell, keep their enthusiasm level high throughout your sale. A great way to get more out of your fundraising announcements is to draw out names and announce periodic prize winners. The object is to draw as many prize coupons out of your drawing box as possible. This way, more sellers will feel they have a chance to win and will work harder on the sale. Sellers who turn in coupons for every 5 items sold can win special privileges like:

  • ‘Line Leader’ for the day
  • ‘Classroom Leader’ for the day
  • ‘Free Dress Day’ pass

There are many incentives that you can come up with that your students would sell for that don’t have to cost you any money.

Fun Sales Reward Activities Motivate Sellers

If you really understand what motivates your sellers, you can raise a lot of money by offering them a fun activity as a reward. For example, you can have a pizza party for your top 25 sellers. Many sponsors are able to have the pizza donated in exchange for free publicity (or use pizza coupons to pay for the pizza). Other sponsors host a DJ dance party for students who reach a minimum sales goal. Make it even more fun by asking the principal to be the DJ.

Get the Principal to Play a Fundraising Role

You can take your sale to the next level by getting a school administrator involved in your fundraiser. Most students respect their principal and will listen to what they have to say. More importantly, students will probably be willing to sell more if they know that the principal is going to do something fun or humorous as a reward. You will also want to place a condition on this activity, like a predetermined goal must be reached in order for the principal to:

  • Come to school in their pajamas
  • Spend a day on the roof
  • Kiss a pig, ride a donkey backwards or _______?
  • Dye their hair

Make sure that you have the principal talk about this at the kickoff as well as throughout the sale.

Like anything else, promoting your incentives as often as possible will help ensure that you get the most out of your fundraiser, regardless of your investment.

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