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Increase Student Zeal for High School Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on Oct 13, 2011
Increase Student Zeal for High School Fundraisers

How to motivate your students to sell

High school students are often thought of as self-absorbed, lazy and consumed. And it seems that the motivated and driven students are already busy, so how are you going to convince them to add one more thing to their plate? Finding the necessary time to raise money for your group sounds like a daunting challenge but it’s not impossible.

Part of your role as the sponsor is to help your students see their sales campaign as natural and expected rather than just one more activity.

In other words, they need to see it as a priority. Here are a few ways to increase student zeal for high school fundraisers:

Strong Sponsors Have Successful Fundraisers

Behind strong groups are effective sponsors who know how to lead and motivate. Students will commit to a sponsor with clearly defined goals and who knows how to bring out the best in their group members and get results. Students shouldn’t be forced to sell; however they should be inspired to do so.

Make High School Fundraising Assumed and Expected

Plan your fundraiser itinerary before your group even comes together. For example, if you are a baseball coach, plan your sale during the off season so it's ready to go once your students show up. Let them know from the beginning that selling is a priority and that they will be expected to participate. Organized sponsors will provide a schedule of events on the very first day. However, if students are led to believe that selling is optional, some may choose not fundraise.

Explain Why Student Selling is Important

Do your students know why they need to sell? Explain your group goals and objectives with your students from day one. Why is it important for them to participate? Don’t just assume that they already know and understand that. This is something that should be instilled and reinforced on a regular basis. In addition, students should know what their fundraising sales goal is.

Reward a Good Fundraising Outcome

Be sure and have fun with your students during your sale. For instance, you can exempt students who sell at least 5 items after the first day from having to run at the end of practice. There are many additional incentives that you can incorporate that will motivate students to sell. You just have to spend the time and get creative. In most cases your efforts should pay off.

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