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Overcome High School Student Fundraising Objections

By Clay Boggess on Mar 21, 2013
Overcome High School Student Fundraising Objections

A guide to getting your students ready to sell

Elementary students are fairly easy to please. They're usually motivated enough by the prize program. On the other hand, overcoming high school student fundraising objections are more challenging.

By this age, many students are either tired of selling, too busy with other commitments or have convinced themselves that selling is not worth the effort.

However, the hurdles for high school students aren't impossible to overcome. In order to raise their expectations you must develop and communicate a strong purpose, tell them what you expect them to do and work to make your fundraiser intriguing.

Communicate Your Fundraising Purpose

Why are you raising money and what thought have you put into how you will achieve your objective? Will your students understand why they'll need to participate? Every group needs money, so why should they take up their spare time to sell for your organization? If you haven’t thought this through very well then your students probably won’t take your campaign very seriously either. On the other hand, if you’ve taken the time to do your homework beforehand, you'll be better prepared to make your case. A strong purpose is the foundation for every successful sale. The better prepared you are, the more convinced your students will be.

Share Your Selling Expectations

Don’t assume that because you're dealing with older high school students, they'll know what to do. Do they understand the process? How much does each student need to sell? How do they register so they can make online sales? Students are much more likely to participate if they know what's expected of them. Therefore, you will need to provide an effective roadmap at your kickoff meeting.

Engage Your Students in the Cause

You are competing against many other distractions and commitments in a high school student’s life. What do you need to do to make your fundraiser stand out? Many sponsors provide additional incentives that help keep students interested in their sale. Periodically remind them to sell and keep working towards their goal. Some sponsors provide incentives to students who can verify sales by showing their order forms.

High school students just need to know why your fundraiser is important to them.

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