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3 Effective Elementary School Fundraising Tools

By Clay Boggess on May 17, 2012
3 Effective Elementary School Fundraising Tools

How to make elementary school fundraisers more effective

There are two important objectives that should be at the top of every elementary school sponsor’s list when it comes to planning a successful sales campaign.

One is to be able to utilize the right sales tools that will enhance your experience and help you run a smooth sales campaign. The other is to find effective ways to increase your sales even further.

Being able to incorporate both into your program will help you reach your goals while making the entire process much easier.

Here are 3 effective elementary school fundraising tools that should be at the top of your list:

1. Have a Fundraiser Kickoff Meeting

The fundraising kickoff is where you have the opportunity to motivate your sellers and lay down a strong foundation that will lead to a successful sale. Since most selling take place within the first 3-4 days, communicating a strong message at the beginning is critical.

2. Establish a Student Sales Goal

Before your kickoff, in order for your fundraiser to succeed you must first establish:

  1. Your purpose
  2. Your sales goal

Why are you raising money for your group? How much money do you need? Once you’ve established these two things you will need to determine how much each group participant needs to sell to reach your goal.

3. Track Your Elementary School Fundraiser Progress

Once your sale is under way, probably the most important part will be tracking your sale. You told your sellers how much they needed to sell at the kickoff; however how will you know they will actually succeed? To do this, you will need to check in with them on a regular basis. This helps you a gauge the progress of the sale as well as hold your students accountable to selling. Many elementary schools incorporate periodic prize drawings into their sale.

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Unfortunately, there is no easy way to a successful elementary school fundraiser. If you want to make it easier, focus on making your sale more productive.

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