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How Fundraising Sales Tools Define Your Success

By Clay Boggess on Sep 7, 2012
How Fundraising Sales Tools Define Your Success

Put your sales tools to work and reach your sales goal

There's more to raising money than finding the perfect brochure to sell out of or choosing the right prize program that will motivate your students. To be successful, groups should focus more on leveraging the fundraising sales tools provided by their company.

There are basically 2 types of sales tools that groups can utilize when trying to raise money. The first type focuses around selling materials that are intended to help the sale run smoothly. One example of this that we provide to our customers is our fundraiser supply kit. The kit includes items that help the sponsor run their program.

The second type helps to further increase sales. For example, we encourage all of our customers to incorporate additional incentives into their campaign.

Here are 3 ways that you can effectively implement your fundraising sales tools:

1. Review your Sales Tools

Your company should be providing you with access to your tools from their website as well as through email notices and mailed literature. For example, our school wide accounts receive a fundraising guidebook inside their supply kit box about a week prior to their kickoff. We encourage our customers to spend time reviewing it so they will know how to run their sale effectively. If questions come up they have time to contact us prior to their kickoff. This way they are well prepared and will know what to do.

They can then focus more of their attention on promoting their sale in order to maximize results.

2. Prepare for the Kickoff Meeting

Discuss with your team how you plan to implement your tools. For example:

  • When will student fundraiser packets be distributed?
  • Who will be doing announcements?
  • How will reminder notices be sent home?
  • How will additional incentives be incorporated?

3. Put Your Fundraising Plan into Action

If you’ve done your preparation, then the last thing is to put your plan into action and monitor the progress.

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