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3 Free Tech Tools to Help Your School Fundraiser Grow

By Clay Boggess on Jun 21, 2017
3 Free Tech Tools to Help Your School Fundraiser Grow

Learn about apps and sites that can make school fundraising easier

Remember when Apple first came out with iPhones and the “App Store”? There’s an entire generation now that doesn’t know life before there was “an app for that.” The genius behind this innovation was that it gave people a way to find efficiencies by making everyday tasks easier through a mobile device.

Today, technology—from apps to internet-based solutions—has permeated virtually every industry, including fundraising. Of course, there are hundreds of paid software packages out there, but for the shoestring budget of school fundraisers, we’ve got some free finds to make your school fundraising experience a little simpler. Check out these mobile and web-based software solutions to lighten the load of sponsoring a school fundraising program.


School fundraising programs often incorporate kickoff events or celebratory events, especially when they select a Big Event prize program. Evenbrite is a simple way to manage event attendance, share information and promote your event in a quickly shareable way.

Check out these apps and sites that can make school fundraising easier than ever. With a simple user interface, Evenbrite offers robust options for describing your event. Eventbrite gives participants everything they need to know to join in the fun, such as fees for admission (including a donation option), where the event is being hosted (with a clickable map link) and an option to RSVP.

Since many parents aren’t active social media users, this offers a platform neutral solution that doesn’t require a Facebook or Twitter account to engage with the event. It saves you the trouble of having to keep up with paper invitations or numerous emails, and you can easily reach a large audience through school listservs.


Fundraising teams are diverse in age, race, income, gender and experience. There’s also likely to be a pretty event split between Android and iOS users, which might mean that group text-based communication can be a hurdle.

Enter WhatsApp. It’s a wildly popular app amongst teens, because it lets groups communicate in a messaging environment without breaking up text messages into different threads depending on users’ mobile operating systems. That means your fundraising teams and committees can message easily in real time, no matter what kind of smartphone they have. WhatsApp even lets you see who has received and viewed your messages.

In addition to messages, WhatsApp lets you share photos and documents (smaller in size is better) in the same environment, which can eliminate the headache of sharing fundraising materials, spreadsheets and updates via email. Use it on your phone and your computer for maximum accessibility.


The last thing school fundraisers have the budget for is professional artwork and fancy fliers. With Canva, gone are the days where you have to farm out your graphic design work for a hefty sum. Canva puts the digital paintbrush in your hand with a clean drag-and-drop workstation with lots of customization options.

Creativity and curb appeal can go a long way in creating energy and excitement around your school fundraiser. In just minutes, you can have a cohesive and eye-catching set of marketing materials, including Facebook graphics, fliers, posters and email images. And, if the artsier side of fundraising is a little intimidating, consider enlisting a “creative type” on your team. They’ll have a blast working with the Canva studio, and add serious value to your fundraiser by creating quality marketing materials…for free!

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