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School Fundraisers Sponsored by Parents

Are you a parent on the PTA board at your child’s elementary school? Perhaps you’re the fundraising chair looking for school fundraiser ideas. Or, maybe your child is in the high school band, and you’re the booster club president.

Whether it's unique fundraising ideas for an elementary, middle, or high school group, we can help!

School Fundraisers Sponsored by Parents
Educators Need Simple Fundraising Ideas

Educators Need Simple But Creative Fundraising Ideas

You may be an administrator, coach, or teacher who needs to raise money for your school, team, or club. If so, you already have a busy schedule. You don’t have time to plan a fundraising strategy for your school fundraiser.

That’s where we come in. We have the best fundraising ideas for your group, including virtual fundraising ideas.

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Offer your students a unique incentive when they sell for your school fundraiser.
Reward them with a fantastic big event.

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Magic Show
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Why Choose Us

1. More Fundraising Options

We offer over 40 unique catalog fundraisers. Choose a fall or spring shopper, cookie dough, frozen food, or specialty brochure.

Our seasonal catalogs offer the largest variety of high-quality products in school fundraising.

Or pick from our best-selling cookie dough fundraisers. Feature well-known brands like Otis Spunkmeyer®, Classic Cookies®, or Nestlé® Toll House®.

And who can resist an Otis Spunkmeyer® muffin or brownie? Cinnabon® is famous for its pretzels and cinnamon rolls.

Fundraising success depends on keeping fundraising ideas simple, like offering a single product line. Popcornopolis® offers six delicious popcorn flavors. Jelly Belly® brochure has a variety of classic jelly bean flavors.

You may want to focus on school spirit. Customize one of our tumblers with your school name, mascot, and colors. Our fall and spring flower programs come with a 100% growth guarantee.

More Fundraising Options

2. Top Fundraiser Rewards

We offer more incentive programs than most school fundraising companies.

Traditional Prizes: Check out the latest in prizes, toys, gadgets, and games. Prizes come presorted inside each seller's box.

Big Event Prize Programs: A fundraising exclusive! Instead of prizes, offer your sellers an exciting inflatable party or fun, educational show to encourage raising funds! These unique programs have been proven to improve sales by up to 300%.

Sportswear & Cash Prize Programs: Offer participants the chance to win personalized sportswear with your group's name and colors. But cold, hard cash is the ultimate motivator for improving sales and raising money in a fundraising event.

Improved Fundraiser Rewards

3. Be Prepared to Succeed

Before your sale, you’ll receive our fundraiser supply kit to help you prepare for and run an effective campaign. Your kit will include:

Kickoff Tips: You’ll receive step-by-step instructions on how to properly prepare so you can get off to a great start.

We’ll also send you links to various pages on our website that will provide simple and effective strategies that you can easily incorporate into your fundraising events.

Personalized Information Letter: Each participant goes home with a fundraising letter in their packet on the day of the kickoff. The letter contains important ‘need to know’ information in an easy-to-follow format. A bilingual English and Spanish letter are available upon request.

School Fundraising Guidebook: This booklet explains everything you need to know about your fundraiser in a logical and chronological format. It’s like having an adviser at your side anytime you need one.

Presorted Seller Packets: We'll collate and pack your students' fundraising supplies for you. Inside each packet are your personalized information letter, sales catalog, order form, and prize program flier. The packet envelope is also used for collecting money.

Kickoff & Promotional Videos: Our videos are designed to be both informational and exciting for your students.

Each group receives online access to whichever prize program they choose. All you need to do is introduce your fundraiser in the beginning and then wrap it up at the end. Our video does the rest.

Sales Tracker: You'll be able to track your sales and see how close you are to achieving your goal. For online sales, you’ll have access to your group's dashboard.

Be Prepared to Succeed

4. Precise Processing & Shipping

When processing orders, achieving a 99.6% accuracy rate is no accident. Our ultimate goal is to make your fundraising efforts, including delivery and distribution simple and easy.

Here's how it happens:

Order Data-Entered: Each order form is entered into our system by trained data-entry specialists.

Reports Generated: Once the order forms are processed, various sales reports are generated. You’ll be able to see who your top sellers are, what percent of students participated, which products sold better than others, and much more.

Order Packed: Each order is packed and inspected for accuracy before sealing. Inside every box is the original order form, so sellers will know who gets what. Prizes also come inside each box.

Delivery Date Scheduled: Once your order is ready to ship, we'll contact you to set up your delivery date. Once confirmed, we’ll make the necessary arrangements. After your order ships, you'll receive tracking and post-delivery information.

What this means to you: You don't want to have to think about your school fundraising delivery. Groups expect everything to go smoothly. So that's what we strive to deliver.

Easy Order Process & Distribution System