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3 Ways to Visually Promote Your Fundraiser

By Clay Boggess on Aug 26, 2010
3 Ways to Visually Promote Your Fundraiser

How to make your sale come to life using visual promotion

Elementary school students can become interested in something once they’ve heard about it, but the best way to get them excited is to show it to them. After all, younger students tend to be more visually-oriented and will believe in it even more once they’ve seen it.

Since you want your students to be as enthusiastic as possible about your sales campaign, you'll want to promote your elementary school fundraiser visually.

Here are 3 ideas that can help give you maximum impact and improved sales results:

1. Display your Fundraiser Incentives

You will want to display any additional prizes that you are incorporating, like top seller prizes, grand prizes and daily prizes throughout your sale. During your kickoff, place them on a table at the front. During your sale, you'll want to show them off in your school’s display case. In order to increase suspense, have these prizes covered up with a sheet or blanket as the students are walking into your kickoff assembly. Naturally everyone’s going to be curious and will want to know what’s being hidden.

Be sure not to reveal these prizes until the very end. This will leave a lasting impression on your students as they leave the kickoff area. Once the kickoff is complete, you'll want to move your prizes to a prominent yet secure area. This is so everyone will be able to see them as often as possible during your sale. If you don’t have a display case, place the prizes on a cart and wheel them into the cafeteria periodically during lunch.

2. Incorporate Reminder Drawings

You might not think it’s possible to visualize your sales reminders, especially if you don’t do your morning announcements on TV. There is a way to make your sales reminders visual for your students. Don’t just remind your students to sell, make them come to life by incorporating prize drawings.

By using prize coupons you can periodically draw 5-10 names out of your drawing box. The winners get to come to the office to receive their prize or special privilege for the day. This becomes great advertising for you because these students will show what they've won to their friends. Some schools go a step further and have their drawings during their morning assembly. This way everyone sees first-hand what's happening. In addition, the prizes that you can use don't have to cost you anything.

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3. Show Your Promotion Video

If you are fortunate enough to have a video that shows what your students can win, this will really add excitement.

For example, students at schools that use our super party will get to see what they can experience once they've sold certain number of items. You'll want to show your video at your kickoff as well as periodically throughout your sale.

The more effectively you promote your fundraiser, the more money you can make.

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