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Why Unique Items Work for High School Fundraisers

By Clay Boggess on Nov 8, 2012
Why Unique Items Work for High School Fundraisers

How high school groups benefit from selling specialized items

The most popular fundraisers are the variety shoppers that usually contain a large selection of gift items, candles, jewelry, candy, magazine subscriptions and wrapping paper all in one brochure.

However, there are reasons why many students involved in high school fundraisers prefer selling unique items that other groups aren't offering.

Since most elementary schools are saturating their communities with the big variety shoppers, for high school groups to compete, they should consider other creative options that other organizations aren’t selling. Here are some things to consider if you're a high school sponsor:

Overcoming Customer Buying Preference

Who do most people buy from an elementary school student? Given a choice, most people seem more receptive to purchasing from younger students. The exception is if they already know the older student. So unless the high school student is offering something unique, chances are the younger student will get the sale. What can help is if the high school group starts their sale before the elementary school.

Older Student Fundraising Mentality

If high school students know they have to compete against younger students with a similar brochure, they are less apt to sell. They know that most people prefer buying from younger students. On the other hand, if they're selling something that stands out, they are more apt to believe that they can compete for the sale.

A Simple Sales Brochure can be better

To make sure students are familiar with the brochure, high school sponsors should review the brochure with their students first. Older students usually prefer brochures that are simple to show. Specialty item brochures with one type of product or theme, like candles or jewelry, are quick and easy to show.

High school students are different from younger students. They won’t just sell because they are excited about the prize program. You have to come up with creative ways that levels the playing field as much as possible.

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