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The Same High School Fundraiser Again?

By Clay Boggess on Mar 2, 2012
The Same High School Fundraiser Again?

How to make your high school sale more appealing

This is a question that many older groups are asking. Do we stay with the same high school fundraiser or try something new and different? After all, unique items that haven’t been seen before have a greater chance of grabbing people’s attention. They’re fresh, new and exciting.

On the other hand, we know what we make every year if we stay with what we've been using. Shouldn't we play it safe and offer the same old shopper that has lots of selection?

In terms of sales, large shoppers have made schools more money than any other brochure type over time. This is because many groups have found that variety sells. A potential downside is they’re used by a lot of elementary schools, which creates a glut in the marketplace. This is one reason why an increasing number of high school groups are looking at alternatives. So do we play it safe, or take a chance on something new? Here are 2 options to consider before deciding on your brochure:

The Large Fundraising Brochure

If you decide to sell a variety shopper, try to be one of the first groups out there selling in your area. Chances are other groups will follow with something similar. Another idea is to consider differentiating yourself a little by tagging your big brochure with your high school mug.

A Specialty Catalog Fundraiser

If you decide on a specialty brochure, do some investigating to make sure that no one has sold this particular product type recently in your community. Who knows, if it hasn't been sold recently it could stand out and be a big hit.

Keep in mind that your school may require you to reserve your fundraiser date in advance. It's at that time that you should inform other competing groups of what you plan to sell so there's no chance of duplication.

Regardless of whether you choose to continue using the same variety catalog or not, the most important thing is offering good quality at a fair price to your consumers.

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