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3 Reasons Schools Want Big Event Fundraising Prizes

By Clay Boggess on May 23, 2013
3 Reasons Schools Want Big Event Fundraising Prizes

Why schools are choosing big events over traditional prize programs

2 primary concerns for any fundraising group is selecting the right brochure and prize program. Most organizations incorporate traditional prize programs where students can win toys and prizes for selling a certain number of items.

For the most part, these programs are simple because the prizes come inside the student’s box and the sponsor doesn’t have to deal with it any more.

However, there are advantages to big event fundraising prize programs that traditional prize plans can't offer. Here are some important reasons schools are making the switch:

1. Improved Fundraising Results

In a head to head comparison, a group of elementary schools was analyzed that had been using traditional prize programs. Once they switched over to a big event prize program the next year, every school had a significant increase in sales. It didn’t seem to matter how large the school was or the socioeconomic background of the community. The results were similar. In some cases schools even tripled their sales.

2. Better Quality Prizes

Many schools are experiencing improvement in their sales because people were tired of receiving low-quality prizes. Bringing in an event for schools is new and refreshing as both students and parents seem more excited and eager to sell. Essentially, students are trading in a basic prize for a fun experience.

3. Stronger Sales Over Time

In many cases schools report even stronger sales after their second year of using a big event fundraising prize program. We theorize that before the first event some students are still unsure, so they don't commit to selling. Yet once students observe what happens at a super party or magic show they become excited about having a chance to go the following year. One such school has experienced over $50,000 in sales growth after using one of our Big Event prize programs for about 10 years.

Most people feel that choosing the right sales brochure is most important; however selecting a motivational prize program can make all the difference in the world when it comes to reaching and exceeding your fundraising goals.

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