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School Fundraisers Sponsored by Parents
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Parent Fundraisers

Great Parent Group Fundraising Ideas

Need a fundraiser for your school PTA or child's booster club? Offer school fundraising products that your customers will want to buy.

Make fundraising simple. Our turnkey programs allow you to focus on what really matters, like raising money.

How do we get people excited about our fundraiser?

Students excited about selling school fundraising products
We offer an entire line of profitable school fundraising products for a wide variety of groups.
A guide to help you manage your fundraising goals.

How do we get our students to participate?

Big Event Magic Show Prize Program
An educational assembly that teaches important life concepts using awe-inspiring illusions.
Big Event Super Party Prize Program
Our most popular big event incentive features an exciting assortment of inflatable games.

How can we get the most out of our fundraiser?

Helps you prepare your school-wide kickoff so you can motivate your students to sell.
Learn how to add extra fundraising incentives to motivate your students to reach their sales goal.