School Fundraising Resources for Educators

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We keep school fundraisers simple

Many educators don’t have the time and resources needed to set up and run a successful fundraiser. So they want a school fundraising product that sells with minimal effort.
[b]Our programs make it easy to raise money.[/b] Big Fundraising Ideas can remove many of your hurdles, while at the same time help you reach your financial goals.

Relevant Fundraising Programs

Choose a product that sells itself

  • Fall Shoppers

    Fall Fundraising Products

    Sell fall and holiday novelty items, high-quality kitchenware and personalized gifts.

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  • Cookie Dough

    Cookie Dough Fundraising Products

    Offer the largest collection of mouth-watering cookie dough flavors. No trans-fat or artificial oils.

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  • Frozen Food

    Frozen Food Fundraising Products

    Offer food that's made from scratch using the freshest ingredients. Prepared in USDA AIBA facilities.

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Automated Fundraiser Tools

Our sales tools make fundraising easier