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How School Fundraising Projects Help Your Kids

By Clay Boggess on Jan 22, 2016
How School Fundraising Projects Help Your Kids

Additional benefits students experience by raising money

No we’re not being sarcastic. So how dare we say that school fundraising projects can help your kids? After all, most people assume it’s the other way around. Don’t schools use kids to raise money to fund their various projects? Some would go so far as to say that we’re exploiting our students for things that should already be provided as part of their educational experience.

However, there are actually some potentially invaluable benefits that students can glean from participating in school fundraisers. No, we’re not just talking about how students benefit from the sale either. According to an article posted in PTO Today by Lee Erica Elder entitled, “What Kids Learn From Fundraising”, students can learn some pretty valuable lessons.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Most who aspire for some form of advancement in life usually end up having to sell something. It could be an idea, a product or even themselves to a prospective employer, for example. You have to be able to communicate. And whether you like them or not, successful sales people are good at getting their point across to others.

In the same way, students who participate in school fundraising projects are being asked to sell a product. Approaching potential buyers helps develop self-confidence, interpersonal communication skills and professionalism. Having good eye contact, smiling and speaking clearly are all skills that will come in handy throughout life. Participating in fundraisers helps put those abilities to work.

To help facilitate the selling process, we provide effective, yet easy to use sales scripts to sponsors to give to their students to practice during the fundraiser kickoff meeting. Being able to articulate their sales message helps develop confidence and build self-esteem.

Working towards an End Goal

Sponsors who set fundraising goals for their students understand that fundraisers prosper when everyone understands what’s expected of them individually. Students who reach their selling objective get to experience a sense of accomplishment. To succeed, they had to first make a choice to become involved and then work towards their goal.

We encourage our sponsors to have their students come up with a sales game plan by making a list of prospective buyers before starting. This requires preparation and brainstorming skills.

Having the discipline to persevere to the end is what helps students realize that there’s a sense of reward when you’re able to finish what you start. This is where participating in school fundraising projects can end up paying off in spades for a lifetime.

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